5 fashion tips on what to wear to the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup, which is one of the most highly anticipated events in the social Victorian Calendar always presents a great opportunity for family and friends to catch up. And while the primary focus on the ‘Sport of Kings’ is still maintained on the horses and the racing, there is always the great fashion to look forward to.

With everyone from celebrities and pop stars to athletes and politicians in attendance, this world-famous Australian event is all about dressing to impress.  Although there is no official dress code for the Melbourne Cup, there is an unspoken rule that anyone in attendance ought to make an effort; especially if they want to stand out or be featured in a popular society page. To help you make your outfit memorable, here are 5 fashion tips on what to wear to the Melbourne Cup:

Do your research and plan

Before you attend, it is important to carry out as much research as possible to find out what is permissible and what is not. Though there is no formal dress code, men are expected to dress smartly in tailored slacks and a sports coat or blazer- dress shoes, loafers and ties are also expected. Women, on the other hand, should dress appropriately in suitable attire.

Things that you are not allowed to wear include:

·       Rundown footwear including track shoes or sport shoes

·       Jeans, denim, leather pants or untailored pants

·       Torn or ripped clothing

·       Leggings

·       Men should not wear shirts without collars or cravats

·       Beanies or caps

Rent an outfit

Because you do not want to spend thousands and thousands on an outfit that you will only wear once, consider renting a high-end dress or suit that you can return once the event is over. There are plenty of online stores that stock high-end labels at affordable renting fees. The concept of renting a dress may not appeal to everyone, but the idea of wearing a luxurious dress instead of buying one at half the price is simply too good to pass up!

Check out  -https://www.glamcorner.com.au, http://www.dressedup.com.au, https://herwardrobe.com.au/collections/all-dresses

Pick the right Millinery

The Melbourne Cup is one of the busiest times for any business in the millinery trade so consider beating the competition for headwear ahead of time by shopping early. Since everyone at the Cup will be decked out in their finery, you should expect to see the finest display of hats that you have ever seen. As such, try and dress up and play around with different silhouettes such as trilbies or veils before picking a hat. Just ensure that the hat that you select covers the crown of your head.

Play around with colour

The Melbourne Cup is unsurprisingly encouraging of bright and vibrant colours. The best day to put your best foot forward during the Cup is on the Emirates Melbourne Cup Day, which is also the 2nd day of the carnival. On this day, you should look for outfits with bold pops of colour to complement your standout headwear. For men, tailored slacks or quality chinos that are paired with a great looking pair of shoes and a smart shirt is never a bad look. All in all, you should do your best to formulate a winning look that will make heads turn.

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