Capsule Wardrobe 

At least 1.5 hrs  

Goal: maximizing your wardrobe wearability and mastering the ability of mix and match 

Why will you spend extra money to find new outfits when you already have them? We will guide you to look at your wardrobe with different perspectives.

During this session:

  • We will sit down and chat about your lifestyles, style crushes and future goal, following by body analysis. We will create mood board and style crushes together, featuring inspiration, style icons and outfit ideas.
  • We will identify the key essential for your capsule wardrobe.
  • We will explain to you how to work with your existing items. We will show your ways to mix and match different items of your wardrobes, including shoes, bags and accessories to make your styles picture-perfect.
  • You will walk away with a fully functional capsule wardrobe and style look books for all occasions.


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