Jennifer uses her innate strengths as a maximiser and developer to
transform individuals & professionals
from plain to polished in their image, & from potential to prominence in their branding, to become the head marketeer for their own personal brand –
the brand called ME.

– Jennifer Austin



Jennifer is an image expert on visual presentation and first impression management. 

Her passion for the fashion industry has been built over 20 years, since being an international model, and it was the driver behind starting her own business, Fashion Parte, in 2011.

Jennifer is image consultant, coach, trainer, lecturer and speaker.

She combines her experience and research on clothing psychology to help individual and organization turn up their first impression and their ability to influence, by creating a professional image of success.

Jennifer has helped more than 500 individuals to transform their lives and their level of influence. Working with Fortune 100 companies including Westpac and Jones Lang LaSalle.

Jennifer helps people achieve their true potential by asking the question What image am I choosing to project myself to the world and why?”

Her understating of clothing psychology, perception, communication and first impression enabled her to advise CEO’s, business owners, senior executives to create a powerful image and personal brand but also works with individuals who wants to make a change and feel more confident and authentic.


"Tips on How to Create Winning First Impression"

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