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Should I really think about what I wear to my virtual meetings?

Research by Adam & Galinsky from Columbia University did a study on how clothing impacted our brains and therefore how people perform on simple task. In his study he had two groups one group wore street clothes and the other wore white lab coat.

The lab coat wearers made significantly made less errors than the other group. He concluded that by simply putting an item of clothing we can’t help but adapt the traits associated with it even when we are unaware of it. The lab coat wearers adapted a higher detail of focus on the task at hand.

Clothing did make a difference of mental agility. Adam and Galinsky called this Enclothed Cognition. They said the physical experience of wearing the clothes as well as their symbolic meaning affected thinking. However, by simply putting on an item of clothing brings about a subtle but significant shift in thought process. And that is powerful message.

Here are tips to consider during your virtual meetings.

Get Dressed

With current adjustment of working from home. It could be quite tempting to  fall into a uniform of sweatpants and pajamas.

Get dressed every morning as if you are going to leave the house and go to an actual job, it will get you into the right mindset and sets the tone for the day.

 it can have a surprising subconscious effect on your productivity. By changing into your work clothes, you are telling yourself that it’s not time for relaxing , it’s time to get down to business.

I’m not saying that you have to wear high heels, tie,  or a suit jacket.  A simple professional outfit will do, especially if you are going to have virtual meetings.

Try  to change into work clothes at the same time you would if you were headed to the office. And change out of your work clothes when you would return home from the office.

These changes will help mental states from shifting to work and home mode.

Use Colours

Using colours to give yourself a boost can make a big difference in how you feel.

How can we then use colour, add your colour to your accessories, wear some colour in your top or pants, add a pop of colour in your make up.

Use background

Background presentation is so important, Zoom offers users the ability to upload an image or video to adjust your background. If not, you can use a clean wall or a plant.

 Best tops  to wear on video conference call.

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Blouse – Crepe Cascade

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Print Shirt – Monse

A person wearing a suit and tie

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Silk Blouse – Coco Ribbon

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Embroided Blouse – Coco Ribbon

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Blazer  -Nanushka Blair

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