First impressions are always a critical factor for the interviews and personal introduction. So, if you are losing your first impression somewhere because of any reason, it might severely impact  your image. If you are successful to pay an outstanding first impression, it will be surplus to your personality. The confirmation bias will affect your first impression when your overrated fact becomes false. Means, suppose you are excited about some point/fact and you are not sure about it, then don’t take a stand without getting the right knowledge about it because its eventually going to embarrass you later.

    If you go through the study about professional dealings with the businesses, you will see that there is a concept of the first impression while interviewing somewhere or interacting with people at some new place. It is the core part of your personality about how you deal with the unclear facts. Your way of defining some issues and facts and their likeness in others adds a bias for you and people would eventually be believing your following facts to be true. It has been seen that many workers or business partners working first time somewhere made a blunder and do some strange kind of activities that eventually has a bad impression on their outlook as an employee. So, such irresponsible behavior can trouble you in a competitive market.

The psychology behind confirmation Bias

The science and psychology about confirmation bias says that if you are good enough to take the ten decisions right initially, your further decisions won’t face doubts. It will make your mark right and pay a high positive impact on people about your perceiving abilities. Since it makes a good track record of your decision making skills and people will prefer your choice over others naturally. It happens because of your active image and impression on the surroundings.

The truth behind some of the workers getting promotions and high ups in the office is due to the “halo effect”. It means they have some great abilities and excellent impressions on their bosses and the leadership. This halo effect will help them achieve high respect and rank for their leadership. Therefore, you must carry your best things with you when going for an interview or a new job and place them on a table when get the right chance to. It will pay a compelling first impression and would give you an edge in the competitive world.

Not only carrying good abilities will help but also the presentation of those abilities count a lot. It is a norm that individuals carry a lot as compared to what they present in interviews and eventually there is no way of employers guessing your skills unless you present them well. Researches also support this fact because many of them are leading the prosperous life in the business world.

By concluding, we have to accept the fact that how the confirmation bias affects our first impression somewhere professionally. Also, the study of “halo effect” shows that some great abilities of a person, if placed on the table initially, can cover the flaws about to be discovered. It forms the basis for the employers to trust your abilities.

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