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Jennifer Austin  an experienced presenter and speaker. Her expertise in the area of  Executive Presence, How to get your Corporate  Edge for improved organisational  performance and individual career success means her talks are engaging and highly relevant for professional people.

Jennifer experience of speaking includes conferences, networking events.

Jennifer is experienced at speaking to audiences of different sizes in a variety of settings. All speaking engagements are characterised by offering practical advice and suggestions, based on research and experience, as well as real-life stories.

This is what people say about Jennifer as a speaker…

She was an excellent speaker – flawless in her delivery . There were a good number or light bulb moments . A really interesting subject ..

The beginning of her presentation starts with a question. Her straight forward and engaging style, combined with the quality of her content was captivating. Excellent speaker and I highly recommend her.

Very interesting research in this space, didn’t realise the science  and psychology involved in planning an outfit for success!

"Tips on How to Create Winning First Impression"

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