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This extensive range of topics is designed to reinforce the Communication skills synonymous with Executive Presence. There are 6 topics offered for Lunch and Learn sessions.

These self-contained modules may be combined for 2 hours to half-day programs.
Content is customized based on your corporate goals, and according to participants’ organizational profiles.

Our facilitation methods will incorporate “Clothing Psychology” principles to increase the impact of their personal presence. level of influence and overall ability to influence.


6 Topics

1. Executive Presence

The NYC-based think-tank, Center for Talent Innovation, published a groundbreaking report on Executive Presence in 2012 stating that although talent and top-level performance are mandatory, “Leadership roles are given to those who also look and act the part.”

This session explores the foundations of Executive Presence to inspire participants to understand the relationships between other people’s perceptions and their own self-awareness – and the impact these factors have on their personal presence skills development.

2. First Impression

People are constantly judging others – and being judged. First Impressions are made during that initial call or meeting with a new client or new potential client. People continue to form their impressions over time. Consider, for example, the first time chairing a meeting with co-workers or making a presentation. How did people react?

Participants discover:

·       How first impressions are created

·       How body language can change people’s minds to create a powerful First Impression

·       The importance of Body language – our non-verbal messages

3. Body Language

People’s strongest impressions are conveyed visually. Unconscious facial expressions, involuntary movements and body gestures all speak louder than words. Understanding the subtleties and nuances of body language requires training in two essential disciplines, reading signals people send and managing personal non-verbal messaging. Participants receive training in both functions, interpreting body language and controlling their own, to connect, build rapport and strengthen their leadership potential.

4. Personal Branding

Leadership begins with self-awareness. This session guides participants through the introductory process of building a Personal Fine-tuning this Personal Brand requires defining and refining individual leadership strengths. Participants use a step-by-step system to explore vital branding contributors from core values and the first impressions people form, to interactions with people and a personalized unique selling proposition.

5. Networking

Maximizing networking opportunities at formal and informal meetings, is the nucleus of this session. Participants cover a full range of techniques to make connections and build relationships including:

·       Making an entrance

·       Mastering the art of introduction

·       Successful mingling and small talk

·       Remembering names

·       Handling food and drinks

·       Advance preparation and final follow-up pointers


6. 10 Key Essential to Business Attire

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment Professional Appearance is critical. Although sometimes perceived as less influential than other indicators of leadership, a Professional Appearance is often the price of entry. When someone looks the part, an invitation to join is more likely. Once invited, consistently looking and acting the part is compulsory. Participants learn to manage and improve their Professional Appearance through training to heighten a sense of self-awareness. Aspiring leaders at every organization level discover how to maintain a personal sense of style that’s compatible with a persistently professional appearance.


People form impressions of you from the moment they first meet you – even before you say a word!

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