Make the Right First Impression with a Personal Image Refresh


Are you in a style rut? Unsure what clothes and colours best suit your body shape and skin tone? Ever wondered how to make the right first impression – whether you’re heading into an important meeting or going on a first date?


There’s more than just ‘dumb luck’ to having clothes in your wardrobe that you know will suit you. And understanding the secrets to choosing the right clothes for any occasion is essential know-how for anyone who wants to be successful.

A Personal Image Refresh will help you align your image with your own successful personal brand or style, learn how dressing influences the way you feel and how others react to you.

This program includes:

  1. Body assessment & style consultation
  2. ‘Know Your Style Personality’ assessment
  3. Introduction to colour
  4. ‘Know Your Best Colours’ e-book
  5. ‘Winning First Impressions’ video mini-course
  6. How to choose the right clothes for any occasion
  7. Wardrobe de-clutter

Investment – $550

Body Assessment & Style Consultation

This consultation will create your customised style guide – from clothes to shoes and accessories – based on your body shape, weight, age, face shape and physical characteristics.

Know Your Style Personality Assessment

Clothing is a way of expressing who we are. We all have unique style, and this assessment will help you understand your style personality type, how to use it to choose the right clothes for different occasions and express your personal brand.

An Introduction to Colour & the ‘Know Your Best Colours’ e-book

Not everyone can where all colours well. Choosing colours that suit you starts with understanding what colours best enhance your skin tone. You’ll get our ‘Know Your Best Colours’ e-book to gain a deeper understanding of the impact your hair and eye colour have on what colours your should wear.

‘Winning First Impressions’ Video Mini Course

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so how do you create a winning one? Understand how quickly first impressions are formed, the lasting effect they have, and the 8 steps to making a great first impression every time.

How to Choose the Right Clothes for Any Occasion

Clothes empower you. Whether or not you’re aware of it, your clothes speak – they are the costumes you chose to act out the story of your life. They can influence your emotions, and they help express and enhance your mood

Wardrobe De-Clutter

Maximise your wardrobe wearability with this hands-on, non-judgemental review. We’ll use everything you’ve learned in the previous sessions to ensure your wardrobe is filled with only the clothes, shoes and accessories that are right for you, identify missing pieces, and discuss how to alter or where to donate the pieces you’re bidding farewell.

People form impressions of you from the moment they first meet you – even before you say a word!

Download my ebook 'Winning First Impression' and learn how to make a lasting first impression with every person you meet.



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