Personal Shopper


3hrs or 6 hrs

Goals: enabling you to shop strategically and introducing new items in existed wardrobe.

We will customize this experience for your needs. We will shop in stores and labels together to guide you to shop what you look best in. You won’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated to shop and choose clothing. You will also learn new tips to prevent from falling prey to retailers.

During this session:

  • We will sit down and chat about your lifestyles, style crushes and future goal, following by body analysis and skin tone evolution.
  • We will define a shopping list to fill the gaps of your wardrobe. We will identify as well as allocate budgets to shopping plan.
  • We will take you shopping and help you understand what cut and colour go with your shape and skin tone.
  • We will show you which brands are designed for you, when a sale is not sale? which store cater your needs?
  • We will also share tips of how to make shopping decision when you are shopping alone. We will guide you how to cooperate new buys with existed items.


We are not aligned or take commission from any stores or labels so no pressure to purchase anything. We are honest and we only take you to the stores that we know will suit your personality and lifestyle. If you have preferred stores or labels, we are gladly to shop in with you.


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