1.5hr session

Goals: better understanding your body and face shape and how to highlight your characters through clothing.

This session comes with 30mins complementary consultation. We will sit down and chat about your lifestyles, style crushes and future goal, following by body analysis, colour guidance and mini capsules wardrobe.

During this session:

  • We will conduct body analysis. You will know your body and face shape better. There will be tips and tricks tailored to you so you can choose clothes confidently and effortlessly to highlight your figures.
  • We will introduce the uses of colours. We emphasize colour. We believe that the right will bring your complexion alive. It will enhance your characters.
  • We will guide you through a fun and engaging process where you will discover your style that represent your characters. You will walk away with mini capsule wardrobe with style plan

All our service includes our detailed style plan, which documents all advices, tips and suggestion customised for you. Your style plan is a great follow-up reference for your ongoing personal style needs. After the session, we will enable you to understand your body shape and shop for yourself in the future.

This service can be virtual.

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