Professional Image Coaching


A positive professional image is essential to a successful career. Your professional identity precedes you, and will help you develop and establish a positive reputation.

In your ongoing monthly coaching sessions you will gain practical advice and guidance to better understand how your wardrobe choices, body language, business etiquette, and online and in-person communication impacts your overall image – and your success in the workplace.

Your customised experience will take into account your current and desired industry, career stage, audience, and corporate culture and occasion.

We will cover an expansive range of topics including:

  1. Professional image profile
  2. Mindset/clothing influence 
  3. Defining your personal brand Image Breaker and Makers 
  4. Art of the first impression 
  5. Body language, posture, handshake 
  6. Personal branding checklist 
  7. Professional clothing guidelines 
  8. Corporate wardrobe key essentials
  9. Wardrobe  evaluation 
  10. Corporate shopping list 
  11. Corporate shopping option

People form impressions of you from the moment they first meet you – even before you say a word!

Download my ebook 'Winning First Impression' and learn how to make a lasting first impression with every person you meet.



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