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In this fast paced 2 hour workshop your team will understand how to utilise “Clothing Psychology” principles to increase the impact of their personal presence, level of confidence and overall ability to influence .

Workshop Outcomes:

  • To understand the impact our clothing choices have on mindset and vice versa
  • To challenge thinking around appearance doesn’t and/ or shouldn’t matter
  • To provide proof that your clothing choices impact your personal brand significantly
  • To understand the impact of first impression and why your non-verbal stimulus count for so much
  • To understand how to use posture, colour, and style to drive a connection with the audience
  • To learn how to be appropriate, and memorable at work and the business dress code etiquette
  • To define each persons personal brand – what they want their brand to say
  • To audit your personal branding and find the inconsistencies
  • Establish the 10 pieces needed to consistently deliver your personal brand to the world

This workshop will be suitable for:

  • Leaders – Business owners, Middle Managers
  • Client Facing Teams
  • Sales and Project Management Team

Workshop Logistics:

This workshop is 2 hours and limited up to 20 participants. This is a very practical workshop and participants will develop a best practice principles on clothing psychology so they can increase their impact on their personal presence, level of confidence and overall ability to influence. This workshop is held in an awesome boardroom in the Sydney CBD and runs from 12am to 2pm.


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