Are you at your best all day?

Have you ever felt stressed trying to find the right clothes for the day ahead? Are you short of time in the mornings and find yourself picking the wrong clothes?

In this hands-on 60 minute live webinar with
Image Concepts Founder Jennifer Austin, you’ll
de-clutter your wardrobe together and learn:

1. Why choosing the right outfit is so important
2. How clutter impacts your subconscious
3. The 4 essential steps to de-clutter your wardrobe
4. How simplifying your wardrobe makes life easier in the morning
5. The secret to feeling at your best all day long

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27th October 2020 11am AEDT
26th October 2020 5pm PDT

“Jennifer’s executive styling enhanced my leadership presence and personal brand. First impressions are everything.”

Chris Gray

“Jennifer regularly helps create my new-look seasonal wardrobe, she understands body shape and the importance of essential clothing pieces.”

Tammy Sawyer

About Us

Jennifer Austin
Founder of Image Concepts

I help motivated individuals enhance their visual presence to perform at your peak all day long

Image Concepts

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