Colour Gold is the most materialistic of all colours

Colour Gold is the most materialistic of all colours. It symbolises rich, unique beauty, extravagance and subtle elegance. Gold is a “NEW BLACK”. Women who wear GOLD lead colourful lives. There are some statement pieces that might help you guys to add some GOLD colour in your wardrobe. This looks are perfect for romantic date nights, wedding reception, night out, prom night.

1.Lame everyday blazer suit – Blaze Milano, Jimmy Choo ankle boots-Far fetch, Yellow gold hoop earrings- Far fetch, Pyper bracelet watch-Michael Kors, Gold YSL sling-Far fetch

2.Semsem sequined strapless bustier top-Moda Operandi, Disc sequined maxi skirt-Paco Rabanne, Leather sandals intermix-Attico, Parcel cascading linear earrings-Rachel Parcel, Junkie babette cuff bracelet-Far fetch, Bolsa DE mano mini-Far fetch

3.Fringe dress-Jimmy Choo, Peep toe thigh high boots, Stiletto-amazon, Serpui Raffea fringed clutch bag-Far fetch     

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