This workshop will be suitable for:

  • Leaders – Business owners, Middle Managers

  • Client Facing Teams 

  • Sales and Project Management Team

Workshop Outcomes:

  • To understand the impact our clothing choices have on mindset and vice versa

  • To challenge thinking around appearance doesn’t and/ or shouldn’t matter

  • To provide proof that your clothing choices impact your personal brand significantly

  • To understand the impact of first impression and why your non-verbal stimulus count for so much

  • To understand how to use posture, colour, and style to drive a connection with the audience

  • To learn how to be appropriate, and memorable at work and the business dress code etiquette

  • To define each persons personal brand – what they want their brand to say

  • To audit your personal branding and find the inconsistencies

  • Establish the 10 pieces needed to consistently deliver your personal brand to the world

Workshop Options:

  • Lunch & Learn 
  • Corporate Edge Workshop
  • Public Workshop


People form impressions of you from the moment they first meet you – even before you say a word!

Download my ebook 'Winning First Impression' and learn how to make a lasting first impression with every person you meet.



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